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When Technology Sucks

Technology is changing our environment faster than most people can keep pace with. And nothing is more frustrating to the older generations than what they perceive as their inability to keep up with those changes. The whole concept of keeping up, in fact, has left many within the Boomer generation and above frustrated, and many times, feeling lacking.

Research shows that if you want to stay ahead in tomorrow’s workforce, skills in technology and data should be given top priority. That’s tough for those who find themselves incompetent in basic technological concepts and skills. This becomes a problem when anyone in the older generation finds themselves still in the workforce, unable to keep up with their younger, more data competent, colleagues.

But it doesn’t stop there. Having tech experience is important the more we rely on smart products to manage our lives. It’s left many within the older generation frightened, especially if they live alone and don’t have family living close by.

It’s simple to advise these individuals to take classes. Those are available online, at your local vocational schools and many libraries and senior citizen centers offer them as well. Only problem is the elderly is not as mentally agile to keep up with these classes or their rapid-changing environment.

There are other solutions. You can always return to your smart product providers and ask them for a short tutorial. Learning to become adept at using the technology you have on your person is easier than learning general tech concepts and maneuvers. Taking time to sit down and play with the technology you have on hand, instead of relying on someone within the younger generation to do it for you, is another solution. And finally, just playing with the equipment you have will help you become more familiar with how to use it.

Many may find it humorous, or even cute, that there are people out there having a tough time keeping up with technology, whether it’s during their personal lives or at the workforce. I’ve heard those from the younger generation snicker at such an idea. But the problem is that those in that situation don’t find it funny or cute at all. It’s depressing, frustrating, and scary, especially if they’re still having to work during the latter part of their lives to survive. The rest of us can help by showing compassion and definitely by not humiliating this demographic with jokes or snide remarks.

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