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Time is Really of the Essence

It never fails. You try to schedule some time to hang out with someone and there’s some sort of scheduling problem. At a time when the world has become so fast-paced, technology has taken over our lives, and time is precious, two very intelligent people – or group of people – can’t make time to just catch up and relax.

I’ve run into this problem in my professional and personal lives. Someone calls, wants to catch up and either our schedules are at capacity or we end up rescheduling numerous times. It’s expected for the most part, especially when all parties are trying to get by school or work and personal interests, but then the whole planning process could just rain on a person’s good day.

A lot of it has to do with scheduling. I make it a point to schedule “me time” in my calendar and don’t accept phone calls or reply to emails after certain hours of the day. When I do finally schedule some time with a friend, or even my own kids, I place it in my calendar as if it’s the most important thing on my there. And if that event is canceled, I simply remove it from my calendar. It helps to organize my time and my day so I’m not merely working all day or just playing all day. This way, I find balance between both parts of my ilife.

Only problem is not everyone is as organized, and tensions do flare at times. That’s expected as well when you’re trying to maintain relationships during a very hectic time in everyone’s life, frankly. From running errands, meeting clients, catching up on paperwork, or finding time with loved ones. You can’t possibly maintain any type of relationship unless you make those individuals you deem important in your life a priority.

Frankly, I don’t personally buy into the, “sorry, I was busy” bullshit. I figure that if someone genuinely wants to spend time with me, they will make me a priority. I’ll tell you why: I’ve come to learn that those who are always “busy” are sidelining you and putting you at the end of their list of priorities because you allow them to. Chances are, you accept the “busy” excuse and allow yourself to become a second fiddle. Nope, not me. If you’re serious about wanting to spend time with me, you have to make that time. It’s called boundaries, and I won’t settle for anything less.

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