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It’s Time to Stop Taking Politics So Seriously

I recently made a simple comment online about a post which included a republican politician. I can’t remember what I said, it was that irrelevant, but it was a matter of time before my phone lit up to inform me someone had commented on my post. I clicked on the app, made my way to the reply and right under my post was written, “Dem scum”.

There was never an attempt to understand what my political affiliation was, or that the comment was making a slight reference to the ongoing, tiring political bantering of the time. Nope. I criticized a republican and so I must be a democrat. Not a libertarian or an independent, just a democrat.

I never did reply to the insult, although the urge was there for a tiny bit. It was obvious I was dealing with someone who is insecure and incapable of carrying on an adult, intelligent conversation. I let it go.

Another time, I posted a passage from a recent debate held at Congress to another social media site. There was no underlying inference as to what my political party was, or whether I supported or opposed the issue. The passage was completely innocent, just a mere reference to what was going on at the moment. I logged back into my account and behold! One of my contacts was advising me to keep politics out of social media. The comment had an ominous tone to it so I deleted and blocked the poster and went on my way.

Later, I came across several posts mentioning the same topics I had covered, and the debate became super heated, as one vitriol comment after another made their way under the original posts. All I could think of at the time was what the hell had everyone so bent out of shape?

As a US citizen, you’re made to believe you have the right to share your beliefs, and to be open with your feelings. In reality, that’s not the case. It’s unbelievable how many people are ready to jump down your throat for a simple comment, especially when politics is involved. Anyone who disagrees with you can’t simply state their opposition. No, no, no. They have to insult and intimidate you.

Maybe it’s always been that way. I’ve worked as a political advocate before and I’ve seen some ugly people. But it’s more difficult to become as enraged and boldly opinionated when you’re personally interacting. The internet gives most of users the opportunity to unleash their fury over everything and anything they don’t agree with. All because it’s all hiding behind the comfort of the internet where eye contact and body language is safely obscured.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve allowed this fighting to carry on this way. I’ve had to advise my children to keep their political opinions to themselves in public so they don’t end up harmed in any fashion. It doesn’t take a lot these days to hunt someone down from their social media usage, thanks to the location finders and check in’s that’s become so popular these days.

It needs to stop and I believe that happens when politicians can start getting along in the state and US chambers. It’s ridiculous how many of these statesmen find their way to television screens, podcasts and streaming videos with contorted faces and angry words. It’s not fair to have to suppress your children’s freedoms all because there’s a chance that someone can end up doing whatever they want to try and silence them.

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