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The Remote Debate Intensifies

The fight over return to office (RTO) is intensifying as America’s largest companies are demanding their employees show up to work. It’s not clear why those in the decision-making process are suddenly abruptly stringent about remote work, but research shows that many companies are still made to pay operation costs for empty offices and cubbies. I don’t believe there’s too much information out there on the challenges of productivity, because that can be measured through online monitoring just as it was on location.

Besides, we got through the pandemic keeping businesses running through remote work, so why that’s expected to change now is frankly strange, especially since there is indication that yet another string of the COVID virus is spreading, prompting some regions of the US to require residents to wear masks again. Expect the mask requirement to flow over to the workforce as well.

But it’s not the end of the world. If remote work is something you want to hold on to, then it warrants a meeting with your supervisor. Before the scheduled appointment, make a list of pros explaining why it’s better to work from home. Be prepared to compromise as the leadership team digs their feet further into the ground. Offering to show up at work a few days a week is something that any supervisor will consider.

But to those demanding their employees come back to work, give your staff a break. As we stand now, even though the economy is showing some improvement, the costs of fuel and food are still relatively high. Unless you plan to increase salaries and pay wages, I suggest you think hard and long about what you wish for.



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