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My New Wellness Strategy

I’m making a conscientious decision to better care for myself. This happened after observing the multitude of times I’ve been at doctor’s office, the specialists I was referred to, and just the overwhelming amount of weight I’ve gained over the past year.  I have gone through a long stretch of well-being before, only to find myself giving in to cravings for processed food when my stress levels rise.

It won’t be easy this time either, especially when all I do recently is dine out. I don’t have time to prepare my lunch before I head off to work, plus I have two BFFs who have made it our collective goal to try a new restaurant whenever we meet.

One thing is for sure, I will get  back on track in no time. I know those days of clean eating, and eliminating sodas to my diet are not too far off.  Because aside from the health issues I’ve been dealing with, eating out daily is bad for my finances as well.

So I’ve set a date to reach my goal, which is by the end of March since I’m planning a short road trip with my daughter around that time. It’s not important whether I lose weight or not, and I’m definitely not going to tease myself by giving up some food products I simply can’t live without, such as cheese, bread, and pizza.

My goal is to live the healthiest lifestyle that is possible, supplemented by some junk food along the way. But I will exercise more, practice mindfulness even more, and try to look at a holistic way of being a better person physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I believe that by finding a balance in my new wellness strategy, it will allow me to eliminate all the doctor’s visits and specialist referrals. I’m going to do this one day at a time, so it will be a slow process. I’m still looking forward to the moment when I will be at my best healthwise. And I can’t wait.


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