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Setting Goals

Goal-setting can be frustrating. We’re somehow made to believe that once you’ve set one, then it’s an easy journey from point A to point B. We should know that’s not the case, because while setting goals is supposed to be gratifying, we risk exposing ourselves to painful failures.

What many don’t understand is that any journey we set ourselves on will never be diagonally aimed upward to anyone’s benefit. There will be roadblocks and other challenges to face along the way. To reach any goals, we must embrace that knowledge.

We’ve all heard somewhere about the new year’s goals that fail. That’s because many either overreached or they forgot that goals are not static. They can be adjusted to reflect any new reality we face.

Maybe it shouldn’t be this way. Setting goals may be a waste of time, especially if they’re forcingĀ  people to face plenty of heartache. It could be easier to go with the flow, or to follow the crowd but that’s inviting yourself to help others reach their personal goals.

When we’re at that frustrating point where nothing is happening, we must remember that goals lead to tangible results. They’re the reason why companies thrive, and other times why businesses get out of sticky situations. When pursued diligently and rationally, they can change a person’s life. The mistake most people make is they don’t set realistic goals, or as I mentioned before, they don’t take the time to rewrite their goals when they have to.

If not, then we’ll find that most of the paths our lives take will lead to wishful thinking. Journeys that may have unintended consequences. Childhood dreams that never materialize. But to get where you want to go, persistence is key and it’s what makes that hard journey we’re inevitably going to face all worthwhile.

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