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Dealing with Challenges

It’s been an emotionally and physically challenging time. From funerals, to bodily injuries, to disappointments and upsets, I’ve had to deal with a lot over the past few weeks. It’s been a while since I’ve had to cope with so much at one time.

It’s easy to wallow in your challenges, to wonder whether you’ve been cursed or maybe the world is trying to tell you something. Unfortunately, I’ve come to learn that I’m not alone. Conversations with peers and acquaintances alike uncover similar challenges for them as well. It has us sharing the problems we’re facing, but also trying to figure out coping mechanisms as well.

During these tough times, I personally like to take time to find some sort of balance in my life. Taking time to sit in the darkness of my bedroom and simply evaluating what’s going on and the best way to cope. It’s a sort of meditation technique I’ve picked up over time. I remind myself that while there’s too much going on at the present time, that it’s all temporary. This allows me to accept my challenges instead of ignoring them. Then I’ll start to think about everything that’s going well and what I have to look forward to.

The benefits of meditation are multitude. It’s a way to find peace within yourself and to acknowledge your existence. The process also gives you the opportunity to face the world in your own, private way.

I also find condolence in sharing. When an opportunity arises, I’m usually on the phone with dear ones, sharing my day and seeking a little comfort. It makes me feel better to not have to revisit whatever it is that set me off over and over again in my mind. Also, it’s pretty nice to discover that I’m not the only one who’s having to bear the ugliness the world tends to throw our way.

Once I get whatever I need off my chest, I then find solace in solitude. Taking walks, exercising, visiting my favorite restaurants and retails solo does a lot to cleanse my soul. It’s my way of finding my center, to avoid being reeled into an emotional rollercoaster with everything that’s going on.

It’s important to find your way to a good place on your own. With everyone being so busy lately with their own personal challenges, going solo for some time gives you the opportunity to refresh and to find your own way. There’s too much talking out there in the world, and not enough listening. It’s not a surprise to find that most people have a little too much advice to spare, and that can help you lose yourself down the road. Learning to solve your own problems and find your own methods of comfort helps you stay centered and more true to yourself than you’ll ever be.

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