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Coping With Stress

I came across a friend today who was visibly stressed. I asked how she was doing and she confirmed what I had predicted. She’s had several funerals over the past few months, some personal and medical problems, and life’s been tough on her lately. I allowed her to share whatever she wanted to share, didn’t ask for additional information, and let it go at that. The interaction apparently became an outlet for her to let go of the burden she’s been holding on to.

I understand where she comes from, as a few of my previous posts can attest to. Blame it on life, luck, a potential curse, we’ve all had problems to contend with. It’s even tougher when you have to show up at work and manage to focus on deadlines, meetings, collaborations, and client needs.

Regardless of the circumstances any one of us must endure, it’s important to take time to handle the stress that seeps into our lives. There’s all sorts of information and advice out there on how to accomplish this major feat, but not every suggestion works for everyone.

Meditation and yoga have long been recommended by health professionals and fitness experts alike. While there’s no standard way to perform these methods, it’s safe to say that any attempt at completing some form of each is therapeutic. Simple exercises such as walking or stretching help as well.

There are certain times where stress levels can rise beyond our control, leading to physical, emotional, and mental issues. At this point, there’s nothing wrong with seeking help through therapy. By doing so, you can learn coping skills that will eventually lead to long-term healing from stress.

Each option is important in its own way, depending on the level of stress you’re under and whether your personal coping mechanisms are working or not. For most people, engaging in both meditative exercises and seeking therapy is bound to help uncover your stress factors and teach you how to better manage them in the future.

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