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Overcoming the Gruesome Job Search Process

Job searching can be one of the most frustrating processes for any job candidate. It requires patience, planning, researching, and eventually that unpopular interview process.

It may take job candidates several pitches and interviews before they land an ideal position, if they’re lucky. Many candidates end up accepting any open position in order to continue paying the bills and feeding the children. It shouldn’t be this way, but unfortunately it is.

I have conversations with candidates all the time about making that choice between staying unemployed until the right job comes along or accepting any job for the short-term. It really depends on each one individually. Some may find that waiting is a better option, and others may find that getting to work immediately is best for them.

Either way, the way to tackle the burdensome process of job hunting is to first set a goal. It helps when a job seeker has a long-term plan. At times, taking on the first open position that comes along will eventually make your resume appear scattered and unfocused. Even if the better option is to accept a temporary position, the goal should be that it fits in the grand scheme of a coherent, consistent career goal. For example, if your goal is to work in finance somewhere down the line, then a bank teller’s position is something to consider. Accepting a job at Hardy’s will not lead you to your long-term career pursuits.

Another way to sidestep the grueling job search process is through outreach. There are many resources a candidate can use to find that right job. Online job sites such as, or seeking the help of local recruiting agencies can help. Networking and job fairs can help, as well as using local government employment agencies.

To land that job you want, the one that will eventually bring you closer to the career goals you desire, you must have a plan. Before the job search begins, sit down for an hour a day to create a structured plan that will bring you that much closer to a job you can be proud of, rather than sitting behind a computer screen and applying to multiple job openings that won’t do you or your career any good.

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