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Digital Pay is the Way to Go

I recently took the next big step in consumer transactions. I have officially started using Apple Pay. Maybe not a big deal with early adapters, but not too bad for a persistent late adapter. Just as I started getting excited about the ease and safety of the entire process, I was to learn that not every business accepted the technology, and it almost got me into a lot of trouble a few times.

Usually when I’m heading out to make a purchase, or dine at a restaurant, the first question I ask once I arrive at the business is whether it accepts Apple Pay. For the most part, the reply is a resounding yes, but then I have come across places that don’t. Worse, a few of these businesses don’t accept personal checks anymore either. Can you imagine that? There are retailers who have stopped accepting personal checks.

Unfortunately, there were a few times where I forgot to inquire about payment services, and ended up finding out at the checkout process that these retailers didn’t accept Apple Pay or personal checks. It’s a good thing I was with one companion or another who had enough to cover my bills. This has happened to me as I was shopping and while I was dining out. But I live in the great plains, so my thinking at the time was that maybe my region was behind somewhat on the technology. Then I traveled to D.C. and then Arkansas and discovered that many places there didn’t accept digital pay either. Once again, it’s a good thing the people I was with were gracious enough to cover my expenses and accept payment afterward. And if you’re wondering why I don’t just use the card in these instances, it’s because my dear son lost it and I’m not in the mood to engage in the process of waiting for a new one.

As it turns out, digital pay is actually a consumer friendly process. Apparently, it is the safest way to protect yourself from any type of money fraud. In fact, I read recently (and verified) that while traveling, it’s the safest way to go. But if only more businesses was to get on board.

Walmart apparently is. That’s another business that doesn’t accept Apple Pay, but I learned that it does offer Walmart Pay. All you have to do is push your cart over to the register and scan the available bar code after you’ve checked out your purchases. Another great service the retailer provides? You can scan products as you place them in the cart. By the time you arrive at the register, you scan the bar code, pay for your purchase, and you’re good to walk right out the exit doors. The entire process is that easy.  All thanks to its competition with Amazon. Awesome.

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