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Yay for Midterm Elections!

I’m excited about the midterm elections. And why not since there’s a lot at stake. There’s the state candidates to consider as well as which political power is taking over Capitol Hill. This in turn will sway which party ends up in the White House in two years. Many ballots across the country will give voters a chance to make serious decisions about state questions as well.

To some though, it may seem a harrowing experience. I’ve already peeked at my sample ballot and was surprised at the number of judges to choose from. Many of whom I don’t stay updated on. I noticed that same surprise from a colleague I was working on the voting process with. The look on her face revealed she wasn’t ready yet to engage in such hard work.

That’s something most of us face if we’re honest about it – the uncertainty, the lack of information to go on for most candidates, if not all. But we do have the option to either vote along party line or for each seat individually. No one ever said the process had to be perfect – in fact the US voting system is far, far less than perfect, but we get to vote for what matters to each of us. That might mean that some of the candidates may be ignored, but that’s still your right too.

So if you’re still undecided about whether or not to vote on November 8th, I say do the country a favor and make it your duty to get out there. The country is changing faster than we can keep pace with, the economy is on the line, and so is power and control over state and US governments. One day you will look back at this moment with pride because you had something to do with whatever greatness is in store for the country over the next few years.

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