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Having Money to Budget

“I don’t have money to budget.” It’s something I hear from clients on repeat. Now I know times are tough, and most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but budgeting is so much more than having money. It’s about discipline.

Like dieting, budgeting is a process. It’s getting your mind to accept a new way of living, that will eventually be good for you in the long run. You don’t have to have loads of money, and you definitely don’t need a certain amount of money. It’s about knowing what goes in and out of your accounts every month so you can make better decisions. It requires foresight, the ability to envision yourself at a better financial place in the future. It’s about independence, so you’re not chained to late fees and uncontrollable debt. It’s also about freedom from uncertainty and fear, so you can face financial challenges head on.

So even if you don’t “have money to budget,” which I know simply means not enough cash on hand at the end of the month, you’d be surprised what good can come out of the budgeting process. At the very least, you’ll know where you can potentially cut back on spending so you do have some cash on hand when you need it.

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